Services during the COVID-19 pandemic

This page provides information on the use of Library materials and services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Borrowing and reservations

Which materials you can borrow, and which can be used only in the Library…


A service that enables the users of the FFZG Library to request electronic copies (scans) of articles and chapters from the Library’s holdings.

Interlibrary loans 

If the title you need is not in the holdings of the Library, please contact our ILL service.

Library membership 

The Library is open to the public. However, in order to be able to borrow books you must be a student or an employee of the Faculty.

Information for students with disabilities

The FFZG Library strives to ensure that students with disabilities have the constitutionally guaranteed right of equal access to education.

Use of Library computers

Inside the Library, you can use Library computers and your own laptops. Computers in reading rooms on Library floors can be used only by users who have a unique digital identity (AAI).

Photocopying, printing and scanning

The Library is equipped with photocopiers that, in addition to photocopying, enable printing and scanning. All personal photocopying and printing is charged.

Hall reservation 

The Library has several halls that are suitable for organizing various events. All halls are located in the Library and need to be booked in advance.

Library lockers

There are lockers in the basement of the Library that users are free to use according to the Library rules.

User and librarian training

Educational workshops on the use of Library materials and services, student internships and professional guidance.


The library hosts many activities organized by the Library or other organisers.

Librarian’s imaginarium – a blog 

A place where librarians write texts about the materials owned by the Library to encourage you to visit the Library more often and find interesting titles that can improve your study, research and/or simply help you to improve yourself!