Library members

Members of the Library are FFZG students, employees, hourly academics and honorary members:

  • Students become members of the Library by enrolling at FFZG or by taking at least one course at FFZG;
  • Employees become members of the Library on the basis of a signed employment contract with FFZG;
  • Hourly academics (adjuncts) prove their status by a service contract and a Decision of the Council of the Faculty on hiring an adjunct professor for a fixed term;
  • Honorary members
      Who can become an honorary member?
    • retired FFZG professors,
    • retired employees of the FFZG Library,
    • eminent scientists and public figures after the approval of the Head of the Library.
Library membership is activated by registering in the Library database, which requires an AAI@EduHr user account. Registration can be done at reference desks on all floors of the Library during opening hours. Upon registering, the librarian will ask for your address and other contact information.


  • students
    • ID card
    • student identity card
    •  AAi@EduHr user information
  • employees
    •  full-time contract
  • hourly academics (adjuncts)
    • service contract
    • the decision of the Council of the Faculty to hire an hourly academic for a fixed term
  •   honorary members
    • decision of the head of the Library

Students and AAI@EduHr

By enrolling in undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate studies, students receive an AAI@EduHr user account.

Students for whom FFZG is not their home institution, but have enrolled in at least one FFZG course can open an AAI@EduHr account in the IT service.

If you do not have an AAI@EduHr account or you have forgotten your password, please contact the IT service, and as a postgraduate student, the Postgraduate Office (tel. +385 1 4092 024; +385 1 4092 272, rooms A002 and A003 in the Faculty building).

Employees, hourly academics and AAI@EduHr

After signing their full-time or service contract, FFZG employees and hourly academics receive an AAI@EduHr user account in the IT service.

Students and employees who are studying or are employed at another institution, and are taking some courses at FFZG or are hourly academics at FFZG, cannot use the AAI@EduHr user account they received at their home institution.

Other users

All other citizens have the right to use the materials and most services only in the premises of the Library, which does not require registering.

You do not need to log in to the AAI@EduHr account to search the catalogue.

External users can borrow materials through interlibrary loans, for which they should contact their main libraries. You can find more information on the Library’s Interlibrary loans website.

If you have any additional questions, contact us at

AAI@EduHr user account

AAI@EduHr is the unique electronic identity of an academic citizen in the Republic of Croatia.

The AAI@EduHr user account at FFZG can be opened by FFZG employees and hourly academics, as well as students studying at FFZG, including students from other universities who are taking some courses at FFZG.

The AAI@EduHr user account is used in the Library for:

  • accessing personal pages in the Koha library catalogue where it is possible to see the loans, renew the loan period, update your information and use other possibilities of the Koha catalogue of the FFZG Library (create lists, label materials, etc.).
  • accessing databases and collections of e-journals from personal computers
  • using library computers

At the Faculty, this account is also used to access Omega (also known as Moodle in other countries), the Faculty wireless network, and to connect to the Internet via CARNet from home or from dormitories.

All students receive the AAI@EduHr account when enrolling at the Faculty, and employees at the moment of employment.  In case you do not have an AAI@EduHr account or you have forgotten your login details, you can ask the IT Service for help in room A129, on business days, 10 AM – 12 PM and 1 PM – 3 PM.

ID card

We kindly ask users not to misplace their identity cards. If you lose your ID card, you should report that immediately to the reference desk on the ground floor of the Library. Issuing a new card costs 50 kuna.

Two types of ID cards are used to identify users in the library system – Smart-X student identity cards and cards issued by the Library.

The ID card is used to prove the identity of the user:

  • when borrowing materials at reference desks
  • when borrowing on self-checkout machines
  • in the system for photocopying, printing and scanning on photocopiers located on each floor.

To be able to photocopy and scan, it is necessary to pay the desired amount to the Faculty bank account and bring a copy of the payment slip to the ground floor reference desk in order to register the paid amount in the Library system.

No user identification is required when returning books on self-checkout machines.

Smart-X cards as library ID cards

Students who have the new student cards – the Smart-X card – can use the card in the Library. Special ID cards for the Library will not be issued to students who have a Smart-X card.

ID card issued by the FFZG Library

For all other members of the Library, the following procedure applies:

After activating your membership with the AAI@EduHr user account (login to the catalogue), it is possible to request an identification card for the Library at the Library reference desks.  ID cards are usually made on Friday afternoons and are picked up at the main reference desk on the ground floor (A) during opening hours.